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Meet the team

Our team of expert problem solvers have a shared commitment to drive actions that create meaningful change in health.
Clare Peck
Managing Director

Clare is the strategic and operations lead for our team. With a background in human biology, Clare boasts over 20 years in the industry, in communications and medical education.

Samantha Wright
Head of Medical Education & Business Development

Samantha leads our Medical Education and Scientific Engagement specialist team, having over 12 years’ experience in healthcare education. Samantha has a background in biomedical science and she is passionate about delivering outstanding educational programmes which make a difference.

Daniel Webber
Director, Medical Content and Education

Dan co-leads the scientific content team and is responsible for the scientific strategy and editorial rigor of the medical education and training programmes we deliver for clients.

Jamie Hopps
Scientific Director

Jamie co-leads the scientific content team at Health Unlimited and is passionate about delivering high quality and scientifically robust content that meets the strategic needs of our clients.

Holly D’Arcy

Holly oversees the medical strategy and the tactical delivery for some of our lead clients, Globally and within the US. Her background in science combined with a passion for storytelling puts her in a unique position to digest, translate, simplify and visualise the stories you want to tell.

Allie Krystal, MSc
Associate Director

Allie leads on the strategic direction and effective execution of her accounts. She has more than than 10 years’ experience in healthcare communications and medical education.

Sam Gelsthorpe
Associate Director

Sam has recently joined the Medical Education division at Rock Unlimited. With a biomedical sciences degree and over 10 years’ experience in medical communication Sam brings strategy and vision to the team.